Inviting participants to practice badminton

Trickster is a team organized by badminton crazies.

Activities are held in elementary shools in Nishi-Tokyo area on weekends morning.

Members are constructed mainly by people over 40 yrs old, and some 30s and 20s.

Most of the member is in 3rd division, some in 2nd division, and just a few 1st division.

All members are quite enthusiastic to entry matches organized in nearby area.


We'd like to invite a few people to practice badminton who have similar passion towards badminton, maybe 2~3 max.


Please note,

we can only accept those with minimum experience, meaning at least knowing each defined shot and be able to execute them regardless of the level.

We will not take a part in giving lessons to complete beginners as it is not the aim of the team.


And vice versa,

we are not searching for extremely high level players who may be interested in giving lessons, nor players having strong opinion on how the practice should be done.

We already have 3 experienced players/coaches organizing practice menus, simply not enough time to them all.


Simply saying,

we'd like to invite players;

1. with minimum level of experience

2. who can conform with the custom of the team

(whem in Rome, do as the Romans do)


Below is a brief time schedule.

8:00~8:20 court set up, clean the floor if necessary

8:20~8:40 warm up (basic shots practice)

8:45~10:00 drills (combination of stroke and footwork practice)

10:00~11:00 single defensive drill

11:00~12:30 game (mainly doubles, single depending on number of participants)

12:30~13:00 discussion, clean up, must leave by 13:00


It is not necessary to participate from the beginning to the end.

Please join/leave the practice and take break as desired.

Members are all quite serious but will never force anyone to carry out practive menu.




(regardless of length of the time participated)


Please do not misunderstand from the name of the team, Trickster, we do not concentrate on practicing deceptive shots.

Rather, practice menus are focused on increasing accuracy and success rate of basic shots and efficiently move on the court, reducing unforced errors and increase ability to keep the rally going.


Atmosphere of the team is friendly, but serious and motivated to carry out each menu.


Amount of exercise is quite high if participated from the beginning of the practice.

Participants can enjoy its diet effect, but please be careful with dehydration, heatstroke, and any injury during the practice.

We will not take any responsibility on injuries, broken racket, or any other casualities occurs during the practice.


Sports arenas of elementary schools usually don't have fully equipped facilities.

No AC, shower, dressing room, even water fountain.

Toilet is about the only thing participant can expect. 


Schedule is given with this weblog.

(I think it is readable as much of the article is written by numbers)

or, simply call.


To participate, please call